Warning | This Rap, May be Hazardous To Your Job!!

boss ki ass ki tais

VIDEO | This rap song, going to viral among frustrated employees.

BOSS KI ASS KI TAIS song is written by Pratyush Chaurasia (Lucknow) and composed by Abhishek Raj (Lucknow).

Pratyush Chaurasia did his mass communication in 2013. After completing his graduation he worked in an advertising agency and then in a Youtube Channel Lucknow Ke L .

He wrote many raps before this song.

He is an amature Rapper and Copywriter by profession. He loves to craft his all Observation-in his rap and that's what gave him idea to write Boss Ki Ass Ki Tais. Inspired by his Boss he wrote this.  

Abhishek, a graduation 2nd year student and an amature Music Composer cherished the lyrics via his music. Both Pratyush and Abhishek have sung it together.

Pratyush Chaurasia

"My ex-boss was the inspiration behind the rap". "I have mentioned almost all his qualities in the rap..."

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Source - Lucknow Ke L


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