Meet 'The Super Dog' Of An Indian Ad Firm

The HR Manager In This Indian Office Is A Dog?

ENTERTAINMENT | A partner of the OPN advertising shared the story of how they found Goofy with BBC.

"He came to us about 10 years back.We found him sitting in front of a tea shop. He was either abandoned or had run away or had lost his way. "

They attempted to discover him a changeless home however as per Bala, the dog turned out to be exceptionally agreeable in his new home and the agency chose to embrace him.

From welcoming visitors and new recruits to deciding which idea to go ahead with, Goofy is always there. Ms. Manian says,

“Sometimes we can’t decide between two ad routes we are going with, so we show them to him, the one he doesn’t tear up or chew up, we present that to our client.”
Staff members take turns to feed him and walk him and he has a "corner seat" in the office where he sleeps on a cushion at night.

Several studies have shown that having a pet around the office boosts morale and helps people relax. And Goofy is an ace in that department too, says Aakriti Sinha.
"He manages to put people at ease, brings the stress levels down and resolves conflicts.
"When two people begin to argue, he goes and sits in the middle and defuses the situation."


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