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Batman v Superman Review: An Epic Saga Goes Wrong

Batman v Superman Review: An Epic Saga goes wrong

Movie      –   Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Director  –   Zack Snyder
Starring – Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane, Holly Hunter
Most of you guys probably do know that it’s Good Friday; and now see, what else could be the perfect way to make it more Gooooodddd than witnessing the captivating clash of two of the greatest Superheroes the DC’s have ever produced. Ohh Thank-You Lord and the Mighty Hollywood for making this venture possible for us!!! Yeahh right, that’s what you fellas have been thinking till now, Right ehh?

Although sadly it is certainly not the case with this Multi-Million ambitious project. So without exploring too much in here let me do the honor of dissecting the film, portion-by-portion and piece-by-piece.
The storyline starts right from the point where the Man of Steel has ended. Superman (Henry Cavill) fought and killed General Zod in the Metropolis city, causing a widespread collateral damage to the city and its people, which ultimately makes him a controversial figure now. The damage also aroused the wrath of the playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck), who now tries to seek revenge from the Kryptonian God. Meanwhile, a young Techie and owner of the LexCorp industries, Alexander ‘Lex’ Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) also possesses the same feeling of demolishing Superman as he considers him a threat to human race.

So, from here onwards the story relies on the ego clash of the two mighty heroes and on the master-plan and a dominant creature Doomsday prepared by the antagonist to vanish them,. And yes, the very gorgeous yet vicious lady Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) does also makes an appearance in the film and helps the heroes to rescue the world.

Screenplay, Direction and else
Alright, so one look at the story and you will definitely question my instincts about what’s wrong with the film? Well, my beloved readers trust me, except for the plot, the film lacks heavily in many departments.

First and the foremost drawback of the film was its dead-slow pace, which just blatantly denies to pick-up any speed at all, hence making the audience go yawn in the auditorium. Beside its dull velocity, the film also suffers a rather clumsy and messy editing, which adds more disappointment to this mega venture. And the list just doesn’t ends here; half explored plots with scenes ending either too soon or stretching for too long, excessive use of vfx, a tedious looking villain and lots more together to make it a regretful experience for the movie-goers.

And adding another problem to the list was the inability of a viewer to understand the real reason of loathing between Batman and Superman.

It has always been said that the Captain hold the breeze of a ship. Similar sayings are meant to be implied for the director of a film. Each flaw and every shortcoming can hide itself, if the direction works well for any project, which sadly didn’t happen for Dawn of Justice.
Actually, it’s quite hard for me to believe that a name like Zack Snyder, who has some extravagant films like 300 and Watchmen in his pocket, has turned such a wannabe exclusive clash into a mere dreary venture.

I believe that an actor is a director’s man. A good director can take the best out from any actor. But since that ship has already drowned, so we can’t blame the performers to make this film miserable, Right? In fact, as far as my opinion goes, they’re the only saving grace of the film.

Henry Cavill reprising his role as Clark Kent/Superman suits the character well and is quite justifying.

Ben Affleck is the new face of Batman and will most probably be continue to do so for the franchise.­­ He is good though, but somehow for me, Christian Bale was hands-down the best persona of the Cave-Hero.

Now, it might come out as a little surprise, but despite sharing quite a less on-screen time, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman surely leaves her mark in the flick and promises a lot for her solo venture to be released in the following year.

The only actor who disappointed me was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, the main antagonist of the flick. Considering the character as a worthy opponent of the superheroes in the comic world, Jesse lacks that charismatic enigma and personality.

Rest of the flock did their job suitably.

Verdict – 2/5

Comment – With the intention of creating their own ensemble Superhero flick and giving the rivals Marvel a tough contest, the DC’s failed miserably. You see, actually it’s the core intention of the film which proved out to be the main deficiency and squeezing other DC heroes so as to create platform of the Justice League film didn’t really work out.

And alas, my hard-earned 375 bucks went in vain. #Heartbroken #Huge_Letdown

·        Shantanu Majumdar


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