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I Believe To Show The Reality Through My Stories – Abhinav Thakur

Abhinav Thakur
ENTERTAINMENT | A short film maker ‘Abhinav Thakur’, who made experimental movies like Radio, Junko, Yatharth & more. Now he is coming back after the gap of one year, with his full length comedy film ‘SuhaagRaat’ as a Director. 

Below are some text conversation with him about their life and latest project-
-Tell us something about you and your life?

I am Abhinav Thakur from Mumbai. I started my film career from 2015 and have done 16 short films, 4 ads & 8 gags till date. Before starting my film career I use to work as a phone banking officer and was doing course & workshop in film making. I did my 2 short films when I was working at Bank. As I was not getting enough time to fully concentrate on film making, I quit my job & started my film career full time.
Today I am establishing myself as a film maker with lots of hard work & dedication. I seen lots of ups & down in my life which at times use to broke me to switch away from my dream of becoming a film maker. But I am really thankful to my friends & supporters who always helped me, supported me & motivated me to become what I have become today. I will be always thankful to all of them.

-After the success of your last short films, currently you are working on your upcoming project “Suhaagraat”. Tell us about your project, idea & execution.

 I am thankful to all my digital audience who always excited & motivated me to make films which they like & enjoy. Suhaagraat is also one of kind movie which has a twist & pun keeping in mind the first night of marriage. This movie is based on book name ‘Namak Sawadanusar’ by Mr. Nikhil Sachan & I am really thankful to him for completely trusting in me. I am also thankful to my producers  Mr. Mitesh Upadhyay & Mr. Jayesh Patel for believing in me & helping out to execute this project. This film is a complete family drama & is in the genre of comedy with lots of twist & fun keeping marriage as a context

-What is the x factor of you’re movie that people should watch it?

 I don’t know about the x factor of my movies but I believe to show the reality through my stories & characters. I try to touch those spots which exist around & are difficult to ignore or say if you believe in reality. If saying something in badwords or abusing language, I show it as it is reality around & if my script demands it I can’t run away or hide it in my stories. So I stick to what is seen around & shown around.

-What is the releasing date of you’re movie so that we can watch it?

My movie will be releasing in this Summer & the trailer will be launched next month. Currently we’re finishing the post production which will be completing soon. I will be announcing the date soon once the project is complete in all aspects.

-Motivational words for our readers?

Always believe in your self & never give up on anything which you desire from heart. Patience & time is important for anything to get fulfilled. Everyone plays there part to make it happen & when you believe in yourself more it will happen sooner. Everyone has their chance & a day, so wait for that chance & a day.


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