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Batla House Movie Review – The most controversial story of Delhi Police

Batla House Movie Review

By – Sonal Srivastava | Entertain Buddy

*** Star

The film is based on the real life incident of Operation Batla House Delhi where a shootout took place in 2008 at Batla House against the alleged Indian Mujahideen terrorists who had a key role in September 2008 bomb blasts in Delhi. Here, 2 terrorists were killed, while 2 escaped the scene. In between, a key special cell officer KK (Ravi Kishan) is killed and the film moves on the view of DCP Sanjeev Kumar Yadav(John Abraham)as he fights the higher officials, politicians, media and marriage.

John Abraham yet proved again that he fits perfectly in patriotic films, not to mention the scene where he sees the Indian Flag with true affection and patriotism and made us feel the same way. There were some scenes where the acting was not according to the role, which included the psychological thoughts of terrorist scene. But even surpassing that, he played his role within expectations. The scene where he teaches the verse of Quran to the muslim suspect is a scene to look forward for.

Directed by Nikkhil Advani, there were some scenes which were over-dramatic and placed in the film without proper management, like dead terrorists visuals coming and Rajesh Sharmav & apos;s courtroom drama. But the film did justice in portraying the incident which became the most hot topic of that time. The director tried and intelligently used talented actors as supporting cast to take some focus off from the protagonists.

Mrunal Thakur has a small role of Nandita (DCP Sanjeev Kumar’s wife) which she played with utmost conviction.

Rajesh Sharma is shown as a very over dramatic as well as under-utilised, due to his monologue and irrelevant dialogues during court room which were not required. But he does justice to the part which was offered.

Manish Chaudhari as Police Commissioner Jaivir is amazing as an officer who helps the protagonists to save the integrity of Police. Ravi Kishan has a very small role as compared to the following he has, but the role he played was up to the mark.

Nora Fatehi portraying the role of a dancer and girlfriend of one of the terrorists the special crime cell is amazing and satisfying. The way she was prepared to do the role connect the audience in one go. The song Saki Saki did not feel like it was placed forcefully.

The movie offers a few impactful dialogues which gives a big message about police. It also sends the message that the police don't want someone to be arrested and one should live a happy and peaceful life. The screenplay could have been better for the film. Some scenes like visuals of dead terrorists and marriage issue had no such role in the movie and could have been removed. But overall, the movie gave us an idea of the 2008 true event in an honest way. The film is soothing and is a must watch.


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