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Saaho Movie Review – A messed up modern day Baahubali

Saaho movie review
By – Sonal Srivastava | Entertain Buddy
*** Star

After 2 years of Baahubali, Prabhas is back with the much anticipated Saaho. Directed by Sujeeth, the film contains the casting of popular actors in the film industry Shraddha Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Arun Vijay, Mandira Bedi, Jackie Shroff, Chunky Pandey, Mahesh Manjrekar, Vennela Kishore, Tinnu Anand, Evelyn Sharma and Murli Sharma. The story revolves around a mysterious man and the high profile robbery in which he is revolving and how he has to surpass everyone who is coming in his way.

Even after such an ensemble cast and a way too high budget for actions and locations, Saaho is not a movie which people were waiting for. Everything comes to a hault when the screenplay is not set right. Even if a superstar like Prabhas is here, you cannot simply expect him to just do everything.

Prabhas though did an amazing job as per the role which was given to him. During the action sequences he lived up to his fans expectations and surely his entrance was way superb.

Shraddha Kapoor looked amazing in the character of a badass cop and fits perfect for it. Neil Nitin Mukesh and Jackie Shroff playing their parts as if they just came and went, not to mention when Jackie dies right in the beginning. But still, they made quite an impact there. Chunky Pandey as a villian Devaraj is a treat to watch.

Mandira Bedi gave us a memorable performance in this film, and also the saree scene when she is walking like a boss with a gun and inhaler.

During the film, what I found was that there was an issue of dubbing-sync, which I even expected because of so many actors from different parts and different language. The action is way from the beginning, but even it feels like there was so much action that the audience needs to take a break and analysed what was going on.

Movie though had some unexpected folds which we cannot expect. But with such a weak screenplay, even that won’t help. You will actually Yawn inside the theatre because too much stress will make you sleepy and you will be like ‘please get this over with!’. No one expected that it will be a Race 3 type all over again, because not always you can expect a good script with and ensemble casting, and I guess Race 3 and Saaho goes down with this disappointment.

Action sequence is such that this is our answer to Hollywood. But this is not worth watching in Theatre because you will come out with huge disappointment. Even I am still asking myself ‘What just happened? What was going on? Okay and is it over? Can I go home?’.


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