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6 Creative Ways to Use Your Eyeshadow Palettes to Make a Statement

A great eyeshadow palette is one of the most versatile makeup products on your vanity. From contouring your face to filing in your brows the right eyeshadow can do wonders and save you, time, money and space.

Below You Will Find:

  • Eyeshadow for the contour
  • Eyeshadow for the brow bone
  • Eyeshadow for a natural look
  • Eyeshadow for a statement look
  • Eyeshadow to create a smoky eye

Eyeshadow for the contour

Contouring your face helps create the look of a cheekbone chiselled jawline and concealer does a fantastic job at whitening the overall tone of the skin. Because the skin on the jawline is very fair and tone, using white eyeshadow helps enhance the dark tone of the skin. It works well with darker and warmer tones. For a white eyeshadow look, select white eyeshadows (not your usual cream colours) and blend them along the jawline from the inner corners to the outer corners. Use a pointed eyeshadow brush and dark brown eyeshadow from the palette, the outer edges of the eyes should be the darkest part. Use a flat brush to blend the darker shade into the lighter one. You may choose to add a tiny bit of dark brown eyeshadow along the hairline, if you have any.

Eyeshadow for the brow bone

The brow bone area was once confined to the idea that eyeliner was the only answer to creating a sharp look. Today’s makeup trends see the definition and shape of the eyebrow expanded and now contouring the brow bone is the most sought after skill. There are many ways to define and sculpt your brow bone but for a flawless look opt for a bold black or dark grey color with high definition and quality makeup brushes that can give you the perfect shape. Eyeshadow for contouring your face The eyes are the most versatile beauty feature, available in several shapes and sizes that can be easily shaped with shadows. Your regular concealer works great as well but if you are in the mood to experiment and contour, this is the time to try something different.

Eyeshadow for a natural look

After you’ve already applied the right makeup for your skin tone a good eyeshadow pallet can give you a natural look that will be a great pick for a day time makeup look. Just keep the eyeshadows light or neutral, in order not to make you look too much. Eyeshadow for a flawless look If you’re looking for a look that you can go with anytime of the day, then eyeshadow is your best friend. You can give your face a flawless look with the help of a powder shadow look or apply a eyeshadow with a soft hint of shimmer and keep it on the lids. Try some of the following different kinds of eyeshadow to brighten up your day. 1. Smooth, Glowing Eyes To give your eyes that beautiful glow, you need to first apply a light coat of lightweight translucent powder to the lid and corner.

Eyeshadow for a statement look

Makeup artists the world over have come up with various methods of applying the perfect eyeshadow for a statement look. Following are some of the best options. Bold: Apply eyeshadow and darken with a shadow brush to get a bold hue on the lid. Let it dry completely and apply a final matte base. Bold dark: Line your upper and lower lash line with contrasting eyeshadow shades. Fill in the lash line with an additional darker eyeshadow that compliments the color used on the upper and lower eyelids. Let the eyeshadow dry completely. Shades of blue: An easy way to get a blue eyeshadow look is to highlight your eyes with an electric blue eyeshadow. Start with a liquid blue eyeshadow. Follow with a shimmery blue eyeshadow. Finally, apply a black eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes.

Eyeshadow to create a smoky eye

To create a smoky eye, all you need to do is to sweep the lid with highlighter, blend the edges of your eye with an angled brush and apply a coat of mascara and liner. Eyeshadow to highlight your face To highlight your face, you need to pick a bright color shade and a shadow with cool shimmer finish. You will need a blending brush for this. Eyeshadow to add color to your cheekbones To add a pop of color to your cheekbones, you can use an orange or a red shadow. To blend the two colors, apply the shadow to your cheekbones. Eyeshadow to highlight your brow bone To brighten your eyes, you can always use a warm brown shadow on your brow bone. Apply it on your upper and lower lashes and blend it with the shadow on your upper lashes. If you want to go all out, add a matte shade.


Whether you like all-out makeup or prefer a more natural and minimalistic look, choosing a great eyeshadow palette that matches your beauty style will not only make you look like a beauty expert but will also save you loads of money.

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