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You need to know all about ECES certification

According to studies, the future of cryptography is very bright globally. One contributing factor to this is the expected increase in adoption of digitalization and cloud technology by all companies, big or small, in the next few years. Now, given this future trend, the demand for cryptographers is said to increase greatly. Additionally, professionals interested in cryptography with an ECES certification will be more likely to qualify for the encryption jobs of the future.

Why choose ECES certification?

An ECES certification prepares you for the developing industries worldwide and opens up a pool of job opportunities post-completion. Some of the main topics covered in ECES certification include-

  • Different types of encryption standards create a strong foundation.
  • Training on symmetric cryptography and the different hashes.
  • Improved understanding of asymmetric cryptography along with the number theory.
  • Advanced knowledge about the different applications of cryptography.
  • Practical knowledge about cryptanalysis.

Steps To Become a Cryptographer- ECES Certification

Some of the important steps to become a cryptographer – ECES Certification include the following:

You need to have strong mathematical skills as encryption works around algorithms, cyphers, etc.

  1. You need an undergraduate degree in either Mathematics, Computers or similar field courses majors.
  2. An ECES certification or an internship in a good company to portray your enhanced skill set as well as your work experience.
  3. In order to achieve ECES Certification, you need to also clear the examination that has 50 different multiple-choice questions and is conducted for approximately 2 hours. Only after securing 70% and above, you will qualify for the certification.
  4. For some companies, a master’s degree is also a prerequisite but it is not common to all and can be skipped.

To conclude, most companies are looking out for professional cryptographers with high proficiency and ample understanding of cryptography. So, investing in ECES certification is a good idea to become a better job candidate.

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