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What Makes it A Good Idea to Get A CCNA Certification?

Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA is a foundational accreditation meant for networking professionals. CCNA certification is typically needed for a variety of associated level networking roles. This includes network support technicians, network engineers, help desk technicians, and more. CCNA is considered to be among the most comprehensive foundational networking certifications today. Pursuing a CCNA course online and acquiring this certification is prudent for people desiring to make their career in IT. Many organizations across the planet favour candidates having this certification as it underlines their technical acumen.

Options for CCNA

There are options for Associate level certifications offered by Cisco that are designed for networking professionals. Cisco CCNA certification covers topics like:

✔ Cloud

✔ Wireless

✔ Datacenter

✔ Video

✔ Routing and switching

✔ Voice

● CCNA Cloud certification allows people to expand their cloud-based knowledge and skills. This job-role-based CCNA certification trains distinctive types of professionals. This includes cloud engineers, cloud administers, and network engineers.

● The CCNA Security credential is the essential requirement for many network security employment roles. It certifies that a person has the knowledge to install, troubleshoot and monitor a variety of peripheral equipment and security networks. Network security professionals have to be capable enough to identify, reduce and manage network vulnerabilities and threats.

● CCNA Routing and Switching certification has also become popular today. This is because networks are becoming more complex with each passing day. Hence, there is a good demand for qualified candidates to manage network issues and implement the infrastructure. Candidates with this CISCO certification can deliver great support as technical specialists and can design and configure networks.

Perquisites to Get Started with The CCNA Journey

There are no formal prerequisites associated with acquiring the CCNA accreditation. However, most candidates do have a few years of experience in administering and implementing Cisco solutions. They ideally also have proper knowledge of primary IP addresses. CCNA certification tests the knowledge and skills of a person in

● IP services and connectivity

● Network fundamentals

● Security fundamentals

● Automation and programmability

● Network access

Going for a CCNA training or pursuing an online course can help fare well in it. Many companies offer comprehensive courses that provide candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to get this valuable certification. This certification can considerably help people to explore employment opportunities with higher salary packages. Details about CCNA course fees and more can be found online.

Advantages of acquiring CCNA certification

●      Knowledge: While preparing to get this certification, you will invariably gain more in-depth knowledge of Cisco networking. Aside from learning about the fundamental concepts of networking, you shall get the chance to delve into more industry-relevant processes and techniques. This knowledge can always come in handy in the future.

●      Employability: A CCNA certification certainly makes a personmore employable. Numerous companies across the planet prioritize candidates having this certification. It is an industry-recognized, valuable certification that underlines that a professional has all the skills and competency to be a Network Engineer.

●      Career Growth: No one likes to be stagnant in their career. However, to climb up the professional ladder, continuous development and evolution are necessary. Employees having better qualifications are usually considered before others when it comes to promotion. Hence, this certification can prove to be beneficial for professionals eyeing a promotion at their company. It can also help them get a job at a higher employment level at some other firm, with a better pay package.

Acquiring a Cisco CCNA certification can go a long way in helping people to explore pretty lucrative career opportunities. However, to reach this stage, they first have to learn to pass the CCNA exam and get accreditation. Therefore, it is also essential to find the latest details about CCNA certification costs.

The networking world is consistently growing. New technologies associated with it keep evolving, like the cloud and SDN. Many new job roles in this domain have also come up. To be a part of this flourishing IT landscape, getting a CISCO networking certification can be a smart choice for any young professional. Whether they desire to apply for the role of an Information Technology Specialist, Cyber Security Analyst, or a Senior System Engineer, having CCNA certification can be of great help.

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